Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver

I'm a traveler, writer & teacher!

Lisa Ellen Niver is an explorer, writer, educator, artist & on-camera host who has traveled to over 95 countries with over one million video views on YouTube, Roku & Amazon FIre TV.

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Travel Fashion Girl

Cebu Has it All: Chic and Classy Travel Destinations

Cebu Has it All: Chic and Classy Travel Destination...

A journey to freedom over three Passovers — Jewish Journal

A journey to freedom over three Passovers — Jewish ...

Usa today 10 best canada history article

Explore the history of Canada at these 10 fascinating sites: Features ...

Explore the history of Canada at these 10 fascinating sites USA TODAY 10 best

Sheknows southern calif journalist awards article
She Knows

Lisa Niver is a Finalist for the Southern California Journalism Awards

I am a finalist in two categories for the Southern California Journalism Awards! I am so honored and excited. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my writing career.
What are the Southern California Journalism Awards?
The 59th Southern California Journalism Awards honor the best in broadcast, print and online media. There were 1200 entries for the 2017 awards.

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After quitting her job as a teacher, this woman traveled to 95 ...

After quitting her job as a teacher, this woman tra...

Diets article
Diets in Review

Niver Lost 58 Pounds While Traveling the Globe

What advice would Lisa give to someone struggling with weight loss? “Don’t give up! Dreams can come true. I lost the weight, I found my true love, and I spent months traveling in Asia. If you had asked me if I thought I could lose the first five pounds, I would have said, I will try but I am not sure. I lost more than fifty pounds after turning thirty-nine and have kept it off for over four years. I know you can do it!”

Niver whole life times binge eating article

How I Stopped Binge Eating | Whole Life Times — Los Angeles Holistic Health Magazine

Years ago, as my then-new boyfriend and I strolled along Santa Monica beach at sunset, I announced, “So, I lost 12 pounds and now I’m skinny.” He muttered, “I didn’t notice. And you’re not skinny.” At that moment, I wasn’t sure if the earth would swallow me whole or my boyfriend should be zapped off the planet Star Trek style. My feelings were hurt, but later, as I reevaluated his statement, I realized 12 pounds was just the first step toward my weight-loss goal, and although I was on the road to success, I had many more miles to travel.

Fabien cousteau photo from delta magazine april 2017 article

Fabien Cousteau "My Bag" Delta Sky Magazine


Lisa niver sierra club article adaptive strategies article

Skiing with people with visual impairments, at Park City’s National Ability Center

Lisa Niver | Sierra Club:
"Skiers with visual impairments require continuous auditory cues. It’s why Stokes speaks to her student, Jennifer Kennedy, constantly. If Kennedy, who is blind, cannot hear Stokes, she is to tap her helmet. If the disconnect continues throughout a count to five, she is trained to stop skiing altogether, and drop her uphill hip to the snow."

Niver women's health weight loss article
Women's Health Magazine

New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight

"My resolution to stop gaining weight ultimately led to losing weight. I had a fight with my doctor when she said I gained weight. Since my clothes still fit, I didn't believe her. That's when I realized that I had gained weight (she showed me in the chart). So I made a resolution to stop gaining. I started by observing my environment. For example, if I stopped buying chocolate ice cream, I couldn't eat it for breakfast. That was helpful. I also stopped buying the giant jar of chocolate covered nuts at Costco. Eating three nuts at a time 10 times a day was definitely not on the list for me anymore. Though it came off slowly, I ended up losing more than 50 pounds." —Lisa Niver, lost 58 pounds in one year

Lisa at sofitel premier travel event article

Travel Talk: Interview with Lisa Niver

Join Elisa from The World Traveled as she interviews Lisa Niver from We Said Go Travel.
Mingle and meet Fellow Adventures!
Saturday, February, 25, 2017
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Capital One Café

11175 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90025

Travel Talk: Interview with Lisa Niver - Travel expert, writer, and on-camera host from We Said Go Travel

Lisa has explored over 95 countries and has nearly one million video views on a variety of media platforms. Also, the founder of travel blog, We Said Go Travel, Lisa will sit with us and share her favorites and offer tips and expertise on a variety of travel topics.

Lisaniversouthdakota article
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South Dakota: Which of the Great Eight would you do First?

I loved seeing the presidents of Mount Rushmore at the Den on Sunset at Travel Massive Los Angeles. I never expected to selfie with them on a Thursday night. Thanks to Kelley, Jim, Mara, Kaitlyn, Gina and a special thanks to Wanda for all her help on my first trip to visit part of the GREAT EIGHT!

Lisa nikki jetsettv article

Lisa Niver on The Jet Set Tv

We Said Go Travel | Facebook

Sheknows absolutely scottsdale article
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Absolutely Scottsdale Was Absolutely Amazing

I was invited to Experience Scottsdale in November 2016 and was stunned with the absolute beauty of the art, architecture and landscape. I loved my time in this part of Arizona and cannot wait to return.
Where did I stay in Scottsdale? at The Hotel Valley Ho. I loved the charm of this iconic location and the best view of Camelback mountain for sunrise and sunset from the 8th floor rooftop.

What Should You Really Do With Your Leftover Foreign Currency ...

What Should You Really Do With Your Leftover Foreig...