Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver

I'm a traveler, writer & teacher!

Lisa Ellen Niver is an explorer, writer, educator, artist & on-camera host who has traveled to over 95 countries with over one million video views on YouTube, Roku & Amazon FIre TV.

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Adventures in Bermuda: Arrival from Los Angeles and Day One at Elbow Beach - YouTube

Adventures in Bermuda: Arrival from Los Angeles and...


Hooping Gangnam Style- Happy Hoop Tunesday! / The Hooplah ...

Hooping Gangnam Style- Happy Hoop Tunesday! / The H...

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Interview With Travel Bloggers George And Lisa Rajna Of We Said ...

Interview With Travel Bloggers George And Lisa Rajn...

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We Said Go Travel - YouTube

We Said Go Travel - YouTube

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Travel Teaches There Is No Place Like Home

Kelly Corrigan shares in her memoir how she learned life lessons on the other side of the planet that made her realize how special her mother is. Almost like Dorothy waking up at home in the Wizard of Oz, Corrigan finds that sharing her love with a f......

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Kauai hiking Kalalau Trail near Pe'e Beach, Sept 29, 2013 Kauai, Hawaii Sept 29, 2013 Hiking from Kalalau Trail and Pe'e beach was gorgeous. I love the rugged coast, the rough sea and ......

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Enjoy Ubud

Arriving in Ubud by car we traveled through rice fields. We passed Ubud central town and Monkey Forest. For this visit we stayed on Jalan Sanggignan at the l......

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Puerto Rico: Filming with Richard Bangs! - We Said Go Travel

When Richard Bangs invited me to travel to PUERTO RICO to film with Orbitz and the Puerto Rican Tourism Board: I SAID YES! Please enjoy Richard’s article about our journey and the many videos from our visit! Lisa When Christopher Columbus made landfall in Puerto Rico during his second trans-Atlantic...

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May News on WSGT - We Said Go Travel

From our May News at WSGT: WRITING CONTEST: I am continuing to publish three entries from our Inspiration Travel Writing Contest everyday. Our fourth Travel Writing Contest ended on February 14, 2014 with 505 people from 55 countries involved. There will be more entries published through  May 15. Read all the stories published...

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Exploring Tune Hotels - We Said Go Travel

Traveling in Asia has been our life for the last eighteen months. George and I love to fly on Air Asia, they have great fares and fly everywhere we want to go. They are to Asia what Southwest Airlines is to the United States; a reliable low cost carrier with...

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Myanmar: Birthday Wishes (video) - We Said Go Travel

For my 45th birthday, I raised money for Solar Cookers in Africa. This year, I want everyone to buy our memoir, Traveling in Sin for my birthday wishes!...

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Navigating NYC & Nicaragua - We Said Go Travel

Our 3rd country for Central America is Nicaragua. After two weeks in Panama, 10 days in Costa Rica and a few weeks in Nicaragua, we are off to Malaysia....

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The Insanely-Tested Top Ten Travel Tips for Spring - We Said Go Travel

Spring is the season hope is rekindled, when broken blades are renewed, and light washes the shadows. We can go barefoot in the grass, pluck the charms of flowers, whistle in the warming breeze, and hit the winding road. Jasper Bangs celebrating Spring But, as with any venture, travel can...

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The Vacation Gals: Palau: Royal Treatment Under and Above Water - We Said Go Travel

SCUBA diving Blue Corner in Palau was incredible! One of my top three dives on the planet! Add Palau to your bucket list and go as soon as possible! Enjoy!...