Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver

I'm a traveler, writer & teacher!

Lisa Ellen Niver is an explorer, writer, educator, artist & on-camera host who has traveled to over 95 countries with over one million video views on YouTube, Roku & Amazon FIre TV.

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Niver whole life times binge eating article

How I Stopped Binge Eating | Whole Life Times — Los Angeles Holistic Health Magazine

Years ago, as my then-new boyfriend and I strolled along Santa Monica beach at sunset, I announced, “So, I lost 12 pounds and now I’m skinny.” He muttered, “I didn’t notice. And you’re not skinny.” At that moment, I wasn’t sure if the earth would swallow me whole or my boyfriend should be zapped off the planet Star Trek style. My feelings were hurt, but later, as I reevaluated his statement, I realized 12 pounds was just the first step toward my weight-loss goal, and although I was on the road to success, I had many more miles to travel.