Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver

I'm a traveler, writer & teacher!

Lisa Ellen Niver is an explorer, writer, educator, artist & on-camera host who has traveled to over 95 countries with over one million video views on YouTube, Roku & Amazon FIre TV.

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Travel Media Showcase: Unsurpassed Destinations & Tremendous Art in Texas

Travel Media Showcase: Unsurpassed Destinations &am...

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Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver, M.A. Education, is a passionate writer, educator, social media ninja, speaker and global citizen, who has traveled to over one hundred countries and six continents....

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Cherish Your Partner and Transform Yourself for Valentine's Day

Are you searching for inspiration and a gift for yourself or your partner for Valentine's Day? Your relationship can change your life.......

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Can a Tiny Greek Island Heal Your Heart?

Greece has always been a place of rediscovery for Barclay, but she wonders, "Can a Greek island be a good cure for love?"......

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Travel Teaches There Is No Place Like Home

Kelly Corrigan shares in her memoir how she learned life lessons on the other side of the planet that made her realize how special her mother is. Almost like Dorothy waking up at home in the Wizard of Oz, Corrigan finds that sharing her love with a f......

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Paris Letters: Relax and Let the Journey Unfold

Luckily for MacLeod, as "Christophe pointed out, 'our whole life is a honeymoon.'" Not everyone has a man who says, "I am picking up a princess. I need to look like a prince, not a chauffeur." But I can say that MacLeod made a res......

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Secure Attachment: Do Good Teachers Need It?

While I do not want to add any more items to teachers ever growing pile of things to do, the goals of increased self-confidence and independent learning are valuable for students and teachers. Perhaps if we focused on the really important items, teachers would have less busy work to do...

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What If You Only Had A Few Months To Live?

You never know what will happen next but most of us do not spend our days and our time doing the things we most want to accomplish. Chores and responsibilities get in the way until we are faced with a reason to focus on our priorities....

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Why So Many Of America's Teachers Are Leaving The Profession

The vast majority of teachers are working overtime without the tools or budget to manage the plethora of issues inside and outside the classroom. On top of that, administrators who only compound the situation by micromanaging the wrong things make the lives of teachers completely untenable with their lack of...

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How Vine And Twitter Helped Save My Marriage

When Vine first appeared, I wondered, 'What can you say in six seconds?' But saying more is not always better....

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Does Fulfilling Your Dreams Make You Channel Lucy Ricardo?

In Jennifer Criswell's At Least You're In Tuscany: A Somewhat Disastrous Quest for the Sweet Life, she describes her first year as an expat in the small town of Montepulciano....

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5 Years Before 50, Am I Too Old For Adventure?

Certain birthdays give us the chance to take stock. Have we met our goals? Where are we? As I map out where I want to go on this, my sabbatical year, I wonder in the next five years where will we go?...

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6 Years Together! Dreams Do Come True

Six years ago, on January 18, 2007, I had the best first date of my life. However, the get-together almost did not occur....

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Dieting Is War! Are You Ready For Battle, Soldier?

'Dieting is War!' argues Laura J Wellington. Using this battle cry and 19 principles from notable leader and Four Star General Colin Powell, Wellington offers a virtual mentorship to regain control of your life and waistline....

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130 Hours On The Bus In India With Books

Over the last seven weeks of travel from Calcutta to Bombay, we have spent nearly 130 hours on buses and trains traversing and learning about parts of the East and West coasts of India. During the 10- to 20-hour rides, my companions were travel literature by incredibly creative authors....