Lisa Ellen Niver

Lisa Ellen Niver

I'm a traveler, writer & teacher!

Lisa Ellen Niver is an explorer, writer, educator, artist & on-camera host who has traveled to over 95 countries with over one million video views on YouTube, Roku & Amazon FIre TV.

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DIY Anti-Acne Mask | a beautiful day

DIY Anti-Acne Mask | a beautiful day

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#Honolulu: TONIGHT join us at Lotus Honolulu - We Said Go Travel

SEE you TONIGHT October 3, 2013 7pm at Lotus Honolulu for Travel Talk Story with Lisa and George from We Said Go Travel: Living without Regret...

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Los Angeles: Uber it! Join Gogobot, LACOT, Dave's Travel Corner for a travel talk and Raffle Oct 16 - We Said Go Travel

Join us Los Angeles 7pm Oct 16 at Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel! Just Uber it! Join Gogobot, LACOT, Dave's Travel Corner for a travel talk and Raffle!...

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Don't Stop Living Interview with Jonny Blair - We Said Go Travel

Thanks to Jonny Blair for our interview on Don't Stop Living! We love sharing about our travels! Our memoir, Traveling in Sin, is available on

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Traveling in Sin is a HOT NEW RELEASE - We Said Go Travel

Traveling in Sin is a HOT NEW RELEASE on Amazon. Thank you for all your support of our memoir and our journeys! We really appreciate it! George and Lisa...

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Asia: A Traveling Chalkboard Champion - We Said Go Travel

Lisa Niver Rajna: The Chalkboard Champion Who Teaches Her Students That Science and Geography Isn't Scary....

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Guam: Swimming with Sharks and in Storms - We Said Go Travel

We enjoyed our time in Guam even with the heaviest rain ever on a day in September! Swimming together with 37 sharks at Underwater World Guam was superb!...

Myanmar: Mandalay Traffic at 26th and 83rd (video) - We Said Go Travel

WATCH: 41 Mandalay Traffic at 26th and 83rd, Myanmar (Burma) There are no traffic lights or stop signs. There are so many cars, motorbikes and vehicles. It is not so easy to cross the street. The traffic at the intersection of 26th and 83rd was incessant. I actually enjoyed it like...

Myanmar: Leaving Mandalay For Thailand (video) - We Said Go Travel

Leaving Mandalay and Myanmar (Burma) For Thailand. This movie is from our 28 days in Myanmar (Burma) from September 28, 2012 to October 26, 2012....

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Purple Clover: Our Sabbatical Adventure - We Said Go Travel

Thank you to Purple Clover for publishing my story about Our Sabbatical Adventure. My then-boyfriend/now-husband George and I flew to Tahiti to begin!...

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Gratitude Travel Writing Contest: Where do you feel AWE? - We Said Go Travel

FALL 2013 Gratitude Travel Writing Contest: Free Entry $1,000usd in CASH PRIZES. Contest will run September 11 through November 28, 2013. Share your story....

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Myanmar: Local bus from Inle Lake to Meiktila (video) - We Said Go Travel

Traveling from Inle Lake to Mandalay by way of Meiktila. We found a way to go during the day and without air con. They said, NO NO NO but we DID it!...

Myanmar: Bagan Day Six (video) - We Said Go Travel

Biking Bagan Day Six was challenging but fantastic! I enjoyed all our days in Bagan! Our memoir, Traveling in Sin, is available at Amazon....

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Finding Freedom - We Said Go Travel

What will you fight for? Where do you find freedom? Share your story in our Independence Travel Writing Contest. We are waiting for you!...

Los Angeles: Certificate of Appreciation - We Said Go Travel

Presented to Lisa Niver Rajna and George Rajna of We Said Go Travel: City of Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation: On Behalf of the Citizens of Council District Eleven this certificate is presented to you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to provide community and leadership in Los Angeles. Your...